Sunday, April 11, 2010

More Winnipeg (Mid Century Modern)

I really like Mid Century Modern architecture and design. There is a Winnipeg neighborhood ("neighbourhood" in Canadian) near my apartment that was chock full of MCM houses. Here's a few of them from my Google Maps Streetview travels...

(The tall building in the background was where I lived.)

Here's the first view of a blue house:

And the second:

I like the window placement on the second floor:

The windowless front of this one is interesting. I'd like to see the other sides:

And finally a corner house two-fer. First the front:

And a view from the side:


Anonymous said...

Hey, I live in the 'Peg. And those houses look sooo familiar, I just know I've passed them. What neighbourhood are they in? I know River Heights has some MCM homes, so does Garden City, and I am sure other neighbourhoods, as well.

HR Human said...

Thanks for stopping by. Those houses are in the Fort Garry area--around Thatcher Drive.,-97.146306&spn=0.006217,0.020792&z=16